5 Back to School Safety & Hygiene Tips: COVID-19 Pandemic

Back to school COVID-19 Safety tips for students teachers and parents

With September quickly approaching, we understand the importance of ensuring schools are safe and ready for the start of the Autumn term because preparing for a covid-free return should be paramount. 

We have created a checklist with 5 Top Tips on how teachers, parents and staff can prepare for a safe and hygienic return to school in September to help safeguard the students, colleagues and visitors in schools each day that may be at risk of infection. You can do this by using effective cleaning products and adopting some proven methods of cleaning.

1. Cleaning products and equipment

Ensure you have enough cleaning products and equipment in place for a full term of school to avoid running out. 

It is also important to have cleaning schedules in place to track how often each room is cleaned, and to ensure consistency. Another important thing is to ensure you have PPE in abundance. Cleaning without PPE is essentially pointless, as dirt and pathogens from clothing or skin can be transferred onto a clean surface and contaminate a freshly sanitised room.

2. Regular testing in place

How often will everyone need to be tested? If so - who is in charge of the allocation of tests and reporting?

Ensure regular testing protocols are in place for students and staff, and any positive tests are recorded and the correct isolation protocols are in place.

3. Ventilation 

Ensure enough ventilation measures are outlined, such as regularly opening windows and doors, because as we know, keeping inside spaces ventilated is vital in dispersing any COVID-19 particles. As the Autumn months approach we can expect a drop in temperature but this can’t deter from the regular ventilation. 

4. Deep cleans

Has your school been deep cleaned in preparation for the return of students? Pathisol is used by the NHS Deep Cleaning and Advisory Service and they offer a range of deep cleaning services to suit the needs of your school. Visit here to learn more. 

It’s important to deep clean rooms: whilst not forgetting the floors, equipment, furniture and touch-points.

5. The mental wellbeing of students and staff

Last, but certainly not least - ensure pastoral care or student safety and mental health wellbeing are in place, as alongside the important protocols listed above, the mental wellbeing of students who suffer from difficulty of change and anxiety should be offered regular support. 

If you keep to this advice and avoid negligence, you can minimise the amount of COVID-19 infections acquired in schools. It is also important to recognise that these tips are only effective when performed consistently.

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