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Cleaning Methods

How to Clean a Room

  • Check you are wearing the correct PPE
  • Assess the room visually, identify the touchpoints and choose a place to start
  • Always clean before disinfecting

How to clean a table

  • Apply the cleaner by aiming the mist across the table instead of spraying down onto it
  • Clean in an S shaped motions, make sure to wipe the entire surface without crossing the same area twice
  • If crossing the same area by doing a figure of eight, for example, you risk depositing pathogens from the wipe back onto the surface
  • Ensure you clean the touch points around the edge of the table
  • When the surface is clear draw the wipe away
  • Now it's time to disinfect the surface.

How to clean a sink

  • Start cleaning from outside of the basin and work inwards (working inside out causes transference as it witholds most of the bacteria)
  • Then clean the touch-points around the taps
  • Cleaning should end in the basin

How to apply solutions for best results

  • Apply as a mist
  • Spray across a surface
  • Leave enough time to dwell
  • Always read the label

Dwell Times

Disclaimer on expiry date

Pathisol Clinical Cleaner and Disinfectant has been tested to successfully kill pathogens for up to a year. However we add a 6 month expiry date when bottled as it can be less effective at killing C.diff after that period.

For best results, use within 30 days once opened.