About Us

Who we are
Pathisol is an anagram for Hospital due to being manufactured at the University Hospital of Hartlepool and is a pioneer in clinical grade, cleaning and disinfection solutions that align with hospital standards.

"Pathisol meets the urgent need of today. And the same need will be just as great tomorrow."

Pathisol, is produced by Tutum Health and used by the NHS Deep Cleaning and Advisory service,
hospital-made and kills 99.9999% of all microbes.

Its goal is to use the best technology to deliver the required outcome in which its users can be confident every time. This has become critical in the light of the pandemic. 
Our Values
Safety, sustainability, assurance, and quality 
Our sustainability promise 
Safe all-day: Being outcome-focused, Pathisol leaves the environment clean and safe every day, and throughout the day.
Pathisol kills bacteria and viruses in seconds: No resistance, No residue
Harm-free & naturally free of toxins! Pathisol, designed by nature, causes no harm to human cells and the environment.
A disinfectant is only as effective as the techniques it is applied with. That is why we are passionate our products are used in the correct way.
For advice and guidance on best cleaning practices, the NHS Deep Cleaning and Advisory Service offers a unique training programme 'Cleaning the NHS Way'. Powered by Tutum Health and Accredited by the Royal Society for Public Health, the course is delivered by a team of experienced decontamination professionals and includes both practical and theory based learning from the 'figure of 8 method' to C before D.
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