Using Safe Cleaning Products Around Your Pets Matters

Using Safe Cleaning Products Around Your Pets Matters - Pathisol

For many of us, our pets are our pride and joy. They act as our bundle of fur, form-of-therapy we can always rely on.  

We commit time to ensuring they get enough exercise, in sourcing the correct food to meet their dietary requirements. But have you considered the danger of toxic household cleaning products that are used around them daily? Not only can this harm your own respiratory system and your skin, but it can do the same to your favourite companions too.

According to PDSA, UK Veterinary Charity: some cleaning products can cause burns on pets' paws or in their throat and stomach if they swallow the product. This can cause permanent damage and can even be fatal, especially if you don't get treatment for them right away. [1]

Safety data sheets

Many of us have a cupboard full of cleaning products stacked up and haven’t thought to check out their safety data sheets. This information identifies the hazards within the products you use. 

This can in some cases disclose (usually in fine small print) the below risks:

  • Corrosive to the skin and eyes
  • Can cause respiratory conditions or effects
  • Generally unsafe to use around people

In an age where our pets feel like family, surrounding them with chemicals that could have an impact on their health should be severely avoided.

Why we are 100% pet friendly

Our range of cleaning products respect how nature works and are safe to use around children and animals due to their naturally derived ingredients. Not only this, but our disinfectant can double up as an excellent deodorizer to remove unwanted smells that your pet may produce.

Pathisol Disinfectant is essentially made from electrolysed salt and water and therefore effectively disinfects areas. It is natural yet powerful to use around animals whilst being eco-friendly and non-toxic. It works as an effective disinfectant to eradicate bacteria and odour from the environment of your pet and their belongings.

This can include:

  • Cages, hutches, food, and water bowls
  • Bedding
  • Accessories and clothing


If you have any questions on using Pathisol around your pets, our friendly team will be more than happy to speak with you. Please feel free to contact us on:

Use code PPETS20 for 20% off our range of cleaning products and rest easy that your cleaning efforts aren’t harming your pets.



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